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American Turbine Inc. HVLP Paint Spray Systems

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Low Volume Low Pressure Spraying System
For The Tanning Professional
Sprays of Rays II

Sprays of Rays II Tanning Sprayer Photo

Compact: 8"L x 8"W x 6-1/2"H
Lightweight: 6-1/2 lbs.
Also available in 220/240 Volt - please call for pricing

You Can't Get More Compact and Lightweight Than This!!!  A Mobile Tanners Dream.
You Can't Get More Compact and Lightweight Than This!!!
A Mobile Tanners Dream.

**Click here for complete component details**

The system includes:

Turbine, HVLP gun with quick disconnect and 6 oz. cup, 10' flex air hose, 2 additional 6 oz. cups with screw-on covers, pre-filter, gun cleaning kit, warranty registration card and owner's manual.

Our customer support and technical service is unparalleled. We're just a toll free call away. We know that this is a big purchase for you, so please call us while you're deciding what equipment to buy and we'll answer any questions you might have at 1-877-748-4857

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48 months on the complete system with return of the signed registration card.
Click here for the entire warranty information.

These machines are intended for spraying tanning and exfoliating products only. It cannot be used for spraying flammable or volatile substances.

As long-time manufacturers of HVLP systems, we know that 2, 3 or 4 stage turbine systems are too powerful for spray tanning so we came up with the only LVLP tanning system on the market. It operates at 1 psi and allows you to hand-apply a beautiful, even tan every time. Please click here for more detail on the differences between LVLP and HVLP.

It has the right sized turbine for the job and the right sized needle and nozzle to deliver the proper amount of solution. The air cap provides the right atomization to break up the solution into a fine mist. Our system also has a rheostat that allows you to control the airflow and reduces noise. This dramatically cuts down on overspray.

Gun GraphicThe HVLP gun that comes with the system contains all metal parts and no O-rings. You can change the spraying pattern by simply turning the air cap in front of the gun to spray round, horizontal or vertical patterns. Our gun won't clog so there's no need for a backup gun. It has a cool grip handle and a trigger adjustment to eliminate hand fatigue.

Going mobile with your business? Sprays of Rays II is so lightweight and compact, it's a breeze to load it into any vehicle. With tanning parties becoming more popular, you will be thrilled with the mobility of this system.

Spray your favorite DHA solution through our systems. We currently do not sell DHA, though we do include some samples for you to try. As equipment manufacturers, we wanted to concentrate on offering you the most reliable, professional equipment you can buy.

No Quiet Box Needed
 67.8 dB at 3 feet, 60.8 dB at 10' on #4 rheostat setting
No Special Solutions
 You can spray any solution or exfoliant with our system
No Clogging Issues
 The needle and nozzle are designed for tanning solutions
No Special Cleaners
 Water and a drop of dish soap is all you need
No Need For Back-up Guns
 Our gun doesn't clog
No High Shipping Costs
 Shop and compare
No Waiting
 We ship immediately

For more products, please see our Components page.

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